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Sérgio Calado

[HELP] MMS With Stock Rom and With Custom Rom

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Hi mates!!!



I have bought a G510-0100 few months ago. I have been testing several roms with it, and i would stick with CM11.


My problem is the next:


With the stock rom from Vodafone, i can send/receive MMS without having to turn the "data" manually, once it turned it on automatically to send/receive, and then it turned it off when it finishes sending/receiving the MMS.


With all Custom roms, i can't do that... I have to turn on the "data" to send an MMS, and then turn it off when it finishes...



Does someone has the skills to solve this?!


It works, with the Stock Rom VDF here on this forum.... I already tried to copy several MMS related files to the same location as the Stock Rom, and even XML files that has info about MMS, but nothing seems to solve that.


I would really appreciate your help here....






Add this line in the file "others.xml", in folder system/CSC





Above those lines:




I have this information on a forum, for Samsung... Is it possible to add this code somewhere to CM11?

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