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Help!!!! Y300 (U8833) Reboots Randomly

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Hey, I'm in need of urgent help. I have a Huawei Ascend Y300-0151 (U8833). I rooted my device with the intention of loading a CyanogenMod because i wanted a faster more responsive device, Rooting worked fine, and i used CWM to load on the Cyanogen rom. Trouble is after like a day, the rom becomes unstable and some apps will crash, this is not often, this big issue is the Random Hard Reboots, whether during use or sitting idly, the phone will just reboot, sometimes its just 1 or 2 and sometimes its up to like 15 per day. How can I stabilize the rom. This happens using Cyanogen rom 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 & 11.
The Process I used to install the rom was:
1. copied the zip rom unto my SD card (tried it using internal storage as well)
2. factory reset/ wipe data
3. wipe cache partition
4. wipe divalk cache
5. navigate to SD card & flash the rom
6. flash the gapps
7. reboot
8. factory data reset after the pone has loaded & I have logged into Cyanogen & Google 

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The CMs 10 & 10.1 should be stable!

Try out some of stock based ones & castles kernel!

The probably case of problem is CWM (that version is onli for 4.3+) revert to the last TWRP!

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