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[G510/TWRP] Want to get my phone as close to stock as possible

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Modifyed my phone a lot and my sister managed to nagg me out of my SD and when I got it back everything was wiped off it and replaced with her phones data which resulted in some of the data that I guess my phone needed to operate so it gets stuck in a bootloop. It can still boot into TWRP recovery and can do some tasks in there without freaking out.


1. Can I go into advanced factory restore and check all of those boxes, or only Data, System, Cache, and Cust.


2.Once I've done that would I be able to then flash a stock firmware?

I purchased this phone through vodaphone new zealand and I doubt I'll get the exsact firmware so would I be able to downgrade the firmware to any stock firmware for any english speaking country or does it have to be the same region your phone was built for. Can't check the last 4 serial numbers so I don't know the B###, But I found a stock firmware here www.modaco.com/topic/370540-firmware-downgrade-error/?p=2200478


I've been meaning to try get it to stock standard for a while anyway.



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