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Lister Of Smeg

Huawei G510 (u8951) vs Y300 (u8833), are they rom swapable?

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Hi All,

I've tried to read this forum, and links from/to others... and I am

Everywhere seems to group these two phones together G510 / Y300 (u8951 / u8833) as though they are basically the same model, but no one/website seems to say for sure that they are..??

Can you flash a G510 rom on a Y300 phone, and vice versa...? I am looking for the following roms (on an English site), with WORKING links and failing miserably....

Y300 (u8833)

C-ROM 7.1
AICP 5.0
AOSB 1.3.6

Any other roms would be cool to know too, but a lot of what I am seeing go to foreign websites with/or have dead links...? :(

Also, if there is a PAC ROM for this phone when it was at JellyBean stage would be great to know, as I can only see the 4.4 preAlpha..

Thanks, Lister


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