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Hey all,

I've reduced my G510 with stock rom to be as "slim" as posible.

...meaning NO google services (including Google Play Store),  NO unnecessary apps (e-mail, widgets, live wallpapers, etc)

I'm using other market apps (black markets), and the phone is constantly with >200mb Ram free.


Problem is:

How to disable the Huawei/Theme animations?

I've tried disabling in developer menu settings with no success; animations still load

Without animations, the ui is much snappier (eg; try loading the Dialer with "Power saving" activated)


Inbuilt Huawei "powersaving" app disables disables animations, but I'd like to skip using it just for this option.



Second thing,

Is there any other Web browser that doesn't kill any phone when loading big pages?

...meaning wich browser is the slimmest and uses lowest resources?

Although phone usualy runs at >200mb Ram, when loading a page (eg. 9gag), ram drops to 15-35mb.

After exiting browser, the launcher needs to restart...like restart the whole layout.


Thank you in advance


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Congregation you made a not so expensive Austrian brick of your prone!

How about you try a costume kernel with swap support & use it?

When you do that change sysctl setting for overcommit_ memory to 0 (Only when you activated swap or zram!).

About browser try naked. :P

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