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Phone is plugged to wall charger and doesnt charge

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Hi everyone. I have a huawei g510,which a bought 6 months ago, and it worked fine until yesterday. I plugged it to the wall charger (I use the one that came with the phone as well as the USB cable) and the phone said it was being charged, however the battery refused to charge;in fact it was slowly discharging. I then performed some tests to check where the problem was:

1)tried using the wall adapter and the USB cable with another phone and it was able to charge it

2) connected the phone to the PC using the USB cable and verified that it was able to charge.

3)turned of the phone completely and connected it to the wall adapter with USB cable and verified that it was able to charge flawlessly.

I really can't figure out where the problem is :/

Anyone got any ideas?

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