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"Orange plans up to 2,000 job cuts"

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Oh god I don't even know where to being with this reply....so im not even going to bother. Orange is now a firmly closed chapter of my life thats never going to be reopened.

My advise to Spork is to follow the same attitude and focus your attention with forward thinking and a positive outlook on the future. Dont ever be afraid to diversify in your pursuits in life, you'll find something even better and more satisfying that what Orange was to us initially.

Motty, I wish you all the best with your position within Orange. Stick at it and there is a lot to be gained. Because of people like you the company still has a remaining ounce of integrity. You've a lot to offer but unfortunetly don't find it unusual for your efforts to be unrewarded.

The future's bright, the future's without Orange.

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I'm sure you are aware Motty that Spork got canned for posting here. Now I don't know how big your store is but if ain't that many employees I would be pretty circumspect about committing anything on this forum. At least until you are happy to be fired.............sure you are aware of that though.

He's from my store, and very aware of such dangers.
Given motty's less than secretive name, I'm sure M.S. who discovered me would do a bang-up job of working out who motty is.

But Motty's a clever boy.. and I aint :)

oh and amo - wise words my friend, very wise words.

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