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Omnia 7 disapointing

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MS is not stopping you from using TomTom, TomTom are stopping you until they make a compatible version.
Activesync will not happen and the same with cab files I expect, but technically you don't need cab files when the only compatible apps at the moment are on the Market Place.

Do you work for MS?

Your statements both are poor, and quite so - un true.

MS is, has, and almost always will, re-engineer and pay little mind to backwards compatibility. With that said, since MS could have carried forward the favorable features of WM6+ why didn't they? They had their marketing reasons, just like many of us have chosen to avoid WP7 until a change is made. It is most certainly their doing to migrate the platform to a marketplace only environment. They want to capitalize just as Apple has. So, yes, MS IS stopping us from using TomTom & many other tools that existed on the WM6+ platform. How one sided of you to suggest TomTom has to meet MS' and not the other foor, which is MS has to meet its customers desires.

Indeed, MS made a marketing decision, now it is a question of whether it was the right move. I for one was very much anticipating the WM7, but WP7 is a bust 10x over and I will sit back with my WM6+ in hand and accept it. They have to satisfy the customers desires, or the customers have to accept their change. Hopefully the populace will avoid WP7 and smite MS for their "move to the web only" BS. I wish more people were as cynical about facebook, and other services pressing for an all online life. It is a mistake for us to accept it.

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First I do not work for MS and never have, just because I like and personally think WP7 is a very good mobile OS does not automatically mean that I now work for the comapny behind it.

As I have said above MS is not stopping anyone from using TomTom, TomTom themselves have stated that are currently not supporting WP7 so the onus is on them.

WP7 is a completely different OS and has a different structure and so apps etc from Windows Mobile will not work as WP7 does not use cab files so unless they need to be re-written and that is down to the developer of the app and not MS.

From what you have written above it appears that you have not properly tried WP7 of if you have what are the actual issues you have? Apart from writing a reply that is basically very blinkererd and anti MS you have not given any actual reasons why the move to the new OS platform was a bad decision.

As for the move to web only ie using cloud services all the main smartphones are going this way, Android, Iphone etc.
I prefer Activesync or certainly used to, but have moved to Livemail reluctantly initially I am glad I did. I do not actually remember the last time I even looked at Outlook, I just have no need for it now. Cloud has it's advantages especially SkyDrive with the Mango update, I can now access all the documents I need at home, work or on the phone.

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