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A701 & mounting external HD / USB stick

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Hi - apologies in advance, but could anyone point me in the right direction as to how one might plug in a USB thumb drive, or the odd Ipod one might have, into the mini-USB connector of the A701 & get it to mount in File Explorer?

I have bought an adaptor to convert a Male USB to Male mini-USB & been switching the eUtility's USB tab to Card reader, & after no luck, installed Ratoc systems' WM5 driver (but this I think needs a specific 250/255 PXA cpu; the Mio is PXA270 it appears). Perhaps it is not possible - I thought I would reach storage nirvana fairly easily... but so far today, no luck.

I have tried this with a Toshiba e800 (WM2003; have not bothered to go to SE) via it's presentation add-on, & it works a treat - although my Ipod packs up after 30 secs whilst streaming video (I think it asks the e800 to charge from it, duh, & both machines shutdown).

I am still greatly enjoying the A701 and glad I took the plunge.

Best wishes

PS Modaco is outstanding (my most obvious statement of the day, already before lunch)

PPS thanks for the post on in-call volume - verify both sliders set to high; will try. I do like how it cycles through vibrate & off as well; much better.

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Hi - thanks for the input. I have just been trying DeJe's latest alpha, and no luck - various resets, forced refresh & waiting around, no USB icon appears in File Explorer on th A701.

I detect a niche in the market!

FYI with the Toshiba e800, it would take up to 15 secs for another icon to appear in File Explorer = "USB disk". Of course, with the 4gb SD card in the A701 now, it is not so bad, however, since we know pocket USB drives can be up to 160gb on 2.5"/4,200rpm... it would be nice to have all of one's admin data to hand in one place!

Looking through my archives, I find that I first mounted a 512mb USB thumb drive on the Tosh e800 back in Oct. 2003! Also, in my notes, I had a mouse, keyboard & projector outputting from its presentation VGA/usb host adapter at the time, given it could output XGA. It is still going strong & I do like the VGA screen on the Tosh. I have just been trialling Opera beta/Netfront 3.3 on the A701 & it is not as fun at QVGA (another obvious statement). That was 18+ mths ago with the Tosh, so it was pushing the limit even then. Back to QVGA, but now with phone & GPS!

thanks again ;)

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as in my first post - no luck with the Ratoc either... *sigh* thanks again!

PS I might place my first topic on another matter, but will search to see if a topic on 'memory allocation errors' already exists - I've had my first major errors with MioMap v2.0 this afternoon.


The above works with Windows Mobile 5, not sure if it works with the A701 though.

>> Unfortunately not!

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Then I assume the A701 doesn't do host mode.

Would "Card Reader Mode" be the same thing?

If you go to Start/Settings and select the eutility (icon is an "M"), you can select under "usb" tab at bottom either activesync or card reader mode.

I don't have the right cable to try my external HD with this, but I am fairly sure this is "host" mode?


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Unfortunately not... that just makes it appear as a card reader device, rather than turning it into a USB host ;)


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