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Well, given the huge amount of Nokia phones I have owned over the years, and that I am getting the 6280 as soon as the damn thing rears its head, I thought I'd be first to post in here...

I'm sure I'll be in here a lot when my new Nokia finally comes out...

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' date='Jan 10 2006, 09:35' post='42']Why the 6280?

Mmmmm. 'Fast, exciting, and SO today'


If it's anything like the 6260 that should read ' Slow, dull, and already outdated'.

Maybe we could have a competition for the most useless phone device / brand catchphrase?


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Ok folks - its like THAT is it ( *lol* )

Right, just to redress the balance somewhat (remember, I am a TWO sp5 user - yes two), can I point some things out...

The 6280 is NOT Series 60 Symbian - it is the first ever Series 40 Nokia with 3G, and the first with a 320x240 screen. So your making canine sounds up the incorrect tree Paul - ha ha!

And that is the entire reason I am waiting for this phone so much.

Becuase Series 40 Nokias were always very popular in their own way, and anything but slow...

Menus load fast, texting is whiplash pace, and even now, miles faster than I can ever manage on my sp5.

The ease of use is the main point - who can honestly admit that Nokias are not just a 'pick up and use' device - compare their own OS menu system to that of Motorola, Samsung etc etc - intuitive, they ain't

Bluetooth - when Nokia finally started putting this on devices proper, you had to admit, it was - jeex, it STILl IS, miles better than anything we have on our smartphones -a nokia can connect to almost anything, in no time at all... And send almost anything - including text notes. The headset/handsfree profiles were there right from the start. As was true OBEX file browsing and transfer from the PC.

The camera is excellent - 2 megapixel, with flash etc, and variable digital zoom - compared with 1.2 Megapixel non flash, washed out cameras on our latest smartphones (did I mention full Bluetooth Imaging Profile Support etc too?) Oh and Bluetooth Stereo Profile...

There are still, beleive it or not, lots of things on a Series 40 decent spec nokia like a 6230i, that I miss from my WM5.0 SmartPhone.

The FAILINGS of the Nokia of course, are its limititations - it ISN'T a proper OS - the ONLY add ons available for it, are via java - and that is why in this sense it ain't even in the same league as the SmartPhone.

But those things it does do... boy, it does them better than a SmartPhone does... I left my C500 for a Nokia 6230i, and it was the RIGHT choice for me to make (in just the same way I left my 6680 FOR a sp5, and that was the right choice too)

Of course Nokia are reknowned for needing Firware updates, and these are only installable via Servie Centres - not user...

But come on - how often do they issue them - all the time...

How many years have we complained about slow or even none-existant updates to our SmartPhone ROMS...

nah mate, once you realise that the 6280 is a Series 40 Nokia, not a Symbian device, then you will see why I am looking forward to it...

The most up to date, feature rich, 'SIMPLE' Nokia there is...

Note: I like this site already - gave me a chane to let of steam stright away *lol*

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I just want to see someone try to open your 6280 like a clamshell, all the dummy 6280s looks so pretty with the springs still attached to the keypads and little else. :)

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