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Qtek 7070 problems

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I have a Qtek 7070 that I might have killed off and am trying to revive.

I did a hard rest which seemed to go off fine, but when I run the phone now, many functions do not work. I cannot access numberso n the sim, the contact list does not open and I cannot dial numbers. When I try to call a number, the number doesn't show up on screen when I enter it. Thinking that the firmware might be stuffed, I got the Orange SPV firmware upgrade, but even after installing that successfully I have exactly the same problems. I am also unable to do another hard reset after the first one, however quickly I click, I always end up on the 3 stripe Canary screen. What could be the problem, have I irretrievably damaged it?

Edit: Ok, that problem is solved, I came back a couple of hours later and the hard reset worked. Now when I try to install something, the phone says I odn't have sufficient permissions. How can I aolve this, or can anyone upload the QTek 1.50 firmware for me, all the Qtek links are dead.



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