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Wow! I like the P4350 more than my VoX!

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After using the P4350 and lately the VoX I have come to the conclusion that

I actually prefer the P4350 over the VoX, which is something I would never thought possible.

I really liked the P4350 when I got it, played alot with it and the only thing that at that point was a let-down,

was not having the numeric dailpad (hardware based) like I had on my Qtek 8310 and the amazing screen quality)

so I thought when I saw the VoX, it would be THE MS phone that would rule them all (hahahahaaaaaa!.... :rolleyes: )

Anyways... Now I've come to the conclusion that the P4350 handles everything so well just by using the frontbuttons,

that I actually don't need a dail-pad on the front of my phone (like the VoX) and I have the keyboard to write my SMS.

Also is the P4350 "snappier" compared to the VoX. I overclocked both but still the screenswitching with the P4350 is

pretty much faster, while clocked lower. What I also think to be much much MUCH better, is the handling of your calendar with the P4350.

I really got into using the calendar on the P4350 and I now realize how GOOD it is to have everything in front of you when you

want to make a new appointment and not just the first 3 items and have to scroll down to further complete one calendar entry.

I also had a Qtek S200, which I traded in a few weeks for the Qtek 8310 which I really loved using and I actually did use the calendar on that device ALOT, but somehow the VoX can't give me the same cheers I felt for the QTek 8310.

Funny how things go in my little world :P

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GPS is something I don't really miss and it propably saves alot of battery power.

But I can see the need for alot of people.

BTW, how good is the external GPS working?

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Sorry for the very late reply (havent been on this part of forum in a while), but

it's holding up very well! I still prefer it as my no.1 device :)

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I've gotta say...

I really love this device. I've had id since day one of te dutch release. (somewhere in december 2006)

and today will be the first time I need to do a hard reset. It's getting sluggish from all the crap I did to it!

on my wizard a hard reset was really normal. every month or so (if i was lucky) i had to hard reset it. didn't mind untill the p4350 came around.

no problems with: paint chipping, slide-out keyboard getting loose, all kinds a software problems or loosing my stylus!!!

just imagin.... I loved my wizard.... but the p4350 is soooooooo much beter!!!


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