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Route66 - not enough memory to open this map

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Dear whoever can help me out,

I have an HTC p3300 and i had been using route66, working perfectly. once only there was a problem with scrambled maps but that was a problem with the program not liking too many smses.

My current problem is:

When i load route66, it doenst even go to the first screen, just gives me a message: "not enough memory to open this map"

now i tried with a smaller map, nothing.

I know i have more than enough memory on the card so...

any ideas are welcomed :)

peace out :P

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When you have a solution, could you send it to me, I've the same problem with the DACH map...


lol i didnt even remember i still had this account. oh well. the solution is , u have to either delete or move your smses from the inbox! no joking. it seems like route66 dislikes ur inbox. move the messages to another folder or delete them. -problem solved.

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