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WM6 update, help please

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could someone help me forward please, here is my problem:

My sister bought a P4350 in Dubai and gave it to me to set it up. As I saw on the htc site that wm6 upgrade is out and free for this device, I decided to update it to the latest wm.

So I registred the device in my eClub as a second device (my first one is a TyTn II) and it's now listed in my registred products, but there is no link to download the update.

So, I called the helpdesk in Belgium (responsible for Belgium and Luxembourg (where I live)) but the guy could not help me forward, as, as he said, the device wasn't bought in BENELUX...stupid support policy!!!

After that I send a mail to the general support address of HTC, but never (since 2 weeks) received an answer, except the automatical answer!!!

I'm an IT Manager, so I have to handle a lot with support teams, even for parts and/or computers bought outside Europe, and I never had this kind of stupid answer!!!

My question: is there any kind of way, that someone using a P4350, can send me the file (or set it on an ftp server) or give me a working direct link for the WM6?

I hope this message does not offense some kind of bord rules, or something, but as I said, I'm bored ith the HTC support system, and warranty system.



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