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quattro formaggi

Samsung Mobile Firmware Queries & Downloads

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Hello! I want you to order an official firmware for my samsung i8000L,

was bought at e-bay, but cannot make out where to find the product code, on a sticker under the battery is only:

modelo, fcc id, ssn, rated, productio coreano, imei, s / n where to get the product code is for my phone,

because with the other firmware is not working at all?? And yet, you work only with / through paypal, never Sneem not run, can be some other way to send you money??

Thanks in advance for your reply!

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Unable to PM you, your box is probably full.

Firmware ID : 2083371825

Installation Code : LmaN0/KXqzhY8upPGq1w8AbFFwmTvGb8qqDtNoMtkfI=

Model: SGH-I897 | Code: ATT | Version: I897UCKJ4/I897ATTKJ4/I897UCKJ4/I897UCKJ4 | Date: 12.10.2011 09:33 | Size: 185,1 MB | ID: 2366499509

Donation Sent. Confirmation number: ***56707RK896824Y from t****[email protected]

Thank you

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Hi all,

Under this topic you can make firmware query and download requests for your Samsung Mobile device. I will ask you for a donation of 1 € for each firmware query request and 5 € for each firmware download request. Attached to the 2nd post you can find the latest firmware list which includes all firmware available on the Samsung FUS server for any phone model and any product code (nation). I will publish an updated list frequently so you can make your download requests.

Attached to this post there is a program called "Samsung Firmware Downloader Lite" which will allow you to download your firmware. For each firmware download request I will send you the download address of the firmware and a decryption code. You will enter this information into the program and you will download your firmware package.

In summary, here is what you should do when requesting a query or a firmware:

- For special queries:

After sending your donation (1 €), please PM me with your phone model & product code.

- For download requests

After sending your donation (5 €), please PM me with the ID of the firmware you want (1st column in the list) and the installation code you will see when running the "Samsung Firmware Downloader Lite" program.

Best regards,

Quattro Formaggi


(Runs on Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit) with .NET Framework 4 installed. 64-bit OS is not supported, the Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 64-bit can be used instead.)

I'm HA live in Viet Nam , please sent me nick yahoo or skype to contact , i care your file flash from you. My yahoo: [email protected]

skype: ngochamobile9999

your Tool download file present work good? can I try it?

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I do not understand why would You like to pay 1 or 5 euros to anyone to fast download any firmware

If You can use http://samsung-updates.com/

We do not charge for adding new firmware, just if provided with proper phone info we just add it to download list

Feel free to step by!

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