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Want a new MicroSDHC-card

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Hi folx!

I've read around, and found out that people are really focused on what class a MicroSDHC-card is.. I will use mine maily to store images, and appdata (like Wikipedia on WikiDroyd, maps for GPS's etc).. Does it really matters that much for me to have a class 6+ card?

I have a 2GB class 2 card today, and I haven't noticed anything, but I have nothing to compare with either. What will go faster? Faster loading times on certain apps? What about turn-to-turn navigation, will that work on a "slow" card?

PS: I won't use my phone as an mp3 player nor Spotify, so that doesn't matter..

Cheers, and kind regards!

Nevermind, I bought a TopRam Class 10 16GB SDHC card from eBay. Thanks anyway :)

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