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Anyone having wifi connectivity issues?

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Trying to figure out if this is a defective focus that I have.

My iphone connects very well in my bedroom to the wifi router (Belkin N+ 300) and I have constant connection. Bedroom is about 20 feet from router.

However, my Focus keeps dropping connection at the same location but works very well when I am in the same room as the router.

This tells me the focus cannot pick and retian up a signal and may have a weak wireless antenna as compared to the iphone. OR is it just this one device which could be defective.

Anyone having issues with wifi?

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I've only had issues when on holiday but I have no idea where the base station was located. It would not drop the connection but rather not connect at all but that could do due to the ammount of people trying to use the connection.

I have the HD7 and it may not be defective but it may be that the device is suffering from interference from other devices?

I would just blame the Belkin router as they have to be about the most unreliable network devices ever made. I've never owned one that did not need rebooting every few days which is why I swapped to a D-Link but that's just me opinion.

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