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SPB Mobile Shell Sence Look-Alike

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Hi all,

I've had several people private message me as to how I got my SPB Mobile Shell to look like HTC Sense so I thought I would share this with the group. The reason I did this for my phone was because I could not get a Sense ROM to function well enough for my taste. They were all either too slow in operation or too buggy to be worth sticking with. I now have Mobile Shell running over a custom ROM from xLightwaverx and it's fast and smooth. I did not develop any of this software so all credit goes to the developers, I just put together a series of Today screens that work well and I think look good.

First you need SPB Mobile Shell. As this is a commercial program expect to pay $29.95 for it. You will also need DROID PRO+ 3.0 by DOC3000 & MSKIP from XDA Developers. The good news is this is a free MS add-on. Make sure you download the [W]VGA cab V2.2. In addition, from the same thread, you need the [W]VGA weather iconpack zip file from Post #3 and the VA_Date.zip file from Post #1254. Finally download the wallpaper from the bottom of this post.

Once you have downloaded all these files to your computer you are ready to go.

Installation Steps:

1. First remove all of your items from your Today Screen.

2. Install a clean version of Mobile Shell 3.5 to your phone. If you already have MS on your phone you will need to uninstall it and do a soft-reset before re-installation.

3. Once MS is installed you need to close the program. Press the "Launcher" key on the bottom program bar. Then press "Settings" and "SPB Mobile Shell". Press the icon in the lower right of the screen to bring up the "Exit Shell" option and press it.

4. Install the MSKIP_DOC3000_DroidPro+_V2.2_[W]VGA_20101213.cab you downloaded earlier to your phone. When asked install it to your "Device" Memory. Upon installation the program will ask you a series of questions. The first is "Which MenuBar do you want to use?" Choose MenuBar6 and press OK. You will then be asked "Do you want the Task Manager Button to open?" Choose Mobile Shell Screen, press OK and pick SPB Task Manager and press OK again. You will then be asked "Do you want the Middle Button to open?" Pick Mobile Shell Screen and press OK and pick Launcher (Basic or Advanced) your choice. (I use the Advanced setting). Press OK. You are then asked "Do you want the Contact Button to open?" Pick SPB Favorites and press OK. You will get an "Updated Information" confirmation and you will be taken back to your Today Screen where SPB Mobile Shell will restart. (It can take up to a minute or so for the MS to restart so just be patient.)

Once MS has restarted you will be looking at your Lifestyle home screen.

5. Close MS again and unzip the [W]VGA weather iconpack and VA_Date.zip files you downloaded earlier. From these unziped directories go to the Mobile Sence folder from the Weather Icon zip file and copy the 4 VA_Weather files you find there to your SPB Mobile Shell directory overwriting the file that are there (Only use the files from the Mobile Sence folder.) Do the same thing for the 2 files from the VA_Date zip file.

6. Restart Mobile Shell.

7. Press the MENU Widgets icon in the lower right of your screen and select Edit Layout. Tap each highlighted icon in turn until the menu pops up. Click on the Remove icon for each item until you have a clean screen. Once your screen is clean press the + icon in the lower right of the screen. The Choose Widget menu will pop up. Press the Digital Clock icon. This will place the widget on your today screen. Press the widget to configure it and select Change Skin from the menu. Scroll down the menu until you see "HTC Clock (White)" and select it. Press the check mark icon. Select the + icon again and then scroll down to the Weather widget and select it. Select the weather widget from your Today screen to configure it. Select Change Skin and scroll down to the ProPlus1 HTC (Info) item. Select it and press the check mark icon. Now move the weather widget to align with the bottom of your clock widget. Press the + icon and select Weather again. Configure this new weather widget an change the skin to ProPlus Info (Left, S). Move the widget to the bottom left corner of your clock widget.

8. At this point press OK so we can configure your weather city. Press the Weather widget and select your city. Your weather should update automatically. Go back to your home screen.

9. Press MENU Widgets again and Add Widget. Scroll down and pick the Current Date widget. Press the Date widget to configure it and select Change Shin. Scroll down and select Agenda Back3 (1 item).

10. Press MENU Widgets again and Add Widget. Scroll down and pick the Agenda widget. Change it's skin to Agenda (1 Item, Large). Arrange the date and agenda widget to center them under your weather on the today screen.

11. Next we need to add a transparent bar to set our phone notification icons on. Add a widget and select Shortcut and choose My Shortcuts, select My Shortcuts again. (This will give you a blank Droid icon on your today screen.) Press on it and choose Change Skin. Select Fond2. Center the widget on your screen.

12. Add widget and select Missed Calls. Change it's skin to Expresso3 (40x40) and position it on the bar you created above.

13. Follow the same steps for the Voicemail, SMS and MMS, and Emails widgets, positioning them on the same bar.

14. Now add your four favorite applications. Add widget, Shortcut, Programs and select any four you like. One you have them on your today screen change their skin to Sence Text (1Line) or Sence Text (2Line).

Congratulations your primary Today screen is finished. One of the nice features of the Droid Pro+ add-on for MS is the ability to add invisible widgets to your screen. I have five invisible widgets on my Today screen, they are; Wireless Manager, Phone Profile, Samsung's Clock and Alarm, WeatherBug Mobile and Samsung's My Calendar. To learn how to do this let's start with the Wireless Manager and the Phone Profile widgets. Add a widget and select Wireless Manager. Change it's skin to Sence Transparent (Small) and move the widget to the upper left corner of your display. Do the same thing with the Phone Profile widget and move it to the upper right corner of your display. You can now access both of these utilities from your home page by pressing on the invisible widgets. By doing this you can also overlay invisible widgets over your screen so that you can open a different program than the default one the widget would normally point to.

15. Now lets build the calendar screen. From your main today screen scroll to the left. Delete all the widgets on this page. Add the Current Date widget and change its skin to Date TypoClock White. Next add the Birthdays widget. Now add the Tasks widget and change its Settings to 2 on the Tasks count. Finally add the Agenda widget changing its skin to Large. Arrange them to your taste.

16. Now for the weather screen. Scroll to the right past your main today screen. Remove all the widgets from this page. Add 5 weather widgets. Change their skins as follows: Sence Manilla, Full SemiTransparent, Sence Info (Mid, Center), Sence City (Short Center), and Sence Temp (Mid, Center). Arrange them as in the screen shot below.

17. Now we are going to change the background so the dynamic icons will show through the task bar's windows. I have included at the bottom of this post the background I use. I have added the icons to match the pages you just configured. Copy the dynamic wallpaper background to your phone. Select MENU Widgets and choose Change Background. Select Picture File and navigate to the directory you just copied your background to. When the Edit Picture file loads do not change the position of the highlighted box. Press the left arrow at the bottom left corner of the page to load the background image.

That's it. You should now have a Sence looking three page today screen with dynamic background icons. There are just too many configuration features to list here for Mobile Shell running the Droid Pro+ add-on. Experiment and I'm sure you'll find the setting you will like. Enjoy.





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