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Help, I'm a little stuck

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Okay, so I was a little impatient as usual.

I couldn't get the upgrade software to connect to the tablet (computer sees it fine and assigned a port to it) and it just said "Searching port....).

Now I've installed Clockworkmod recovery, not thinking that this way I wouldn't be able to enter FTM mode any more. So I don't quite know what to do, I was going to give the update program a go on another computer, but obviously I can't do it now.

What are my options? Can I get someone to do a backup of their 2.2 or even CyanogenMod and then send it to me so that I can flash it from the Clockworkmod recovery? Or won't that work because of different IMEIs or something?

Thanks a lot if you can help me!

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Get the Stock image from the stock image thread and that will let you revert back to the stock recovery and get into FTM mode...

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