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HELP! No recovery mode in my Legend

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I tried changing from "2e recovery" to "3e recovery" that doesn't check signature. Unfortunately, I was not aware that the program was written for Samsung phones.

The result of that "stupid" act was that when I Power Reset with Volume down I get into "Factory Mode" which allows me to test the phone, clear its flash and reboot into operating system - no recovery option !!!

I tried to "adb reboot recovery" the phone reboots and hangs with the green HTC on its screen.

I tried to copy files into root but its write protected.

It seems I am stuck in present Android version (2.1) as without recovery I can't upgrade - which was the reason for the unfortunate "3e recovery" installation in the first place.

Any idea? Advice? - Maybe a possibility to upgrade WITHOUT going into recovery mode (I guess not...)?

Thanks in advance

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Simply because I changed my email address from my old Yahoo address to my private address which for some mystery reason (checked with my internet provider) can't receive emails from Modaco forum, and, since I changed email address I was requested by Modaco to enter a verification code - WHICH I COULDN'T RECEIVE !!! So I had to open a Google mail and register as a new member.

That is my story, I could continue the same thread, but somehow I thought starting a fresh would be better - probably not ....

Many thanks for your assistance.

I did what you suggested, but I keep falling in error(155) indicating that my own firmware is not the right one and can't be overwritten by the new one (as far as I understand).

Any ideas? Shell I revert to the original thread?

how come you ask the exact same question as in http://android.modac...40#entry1788740 ?

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