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Hello! My problem is next. After I install improve omni touch.cab on my omnia 2(gt i8000 16gb), my touchscreen become useless.

Then I try and try to unlock my phone but nothing cann do. I try to connect my phone on my pc but nothing helps. Later on my screen after few softresets, my phone start to display message a1b2c3 to unlock, but I cannt because my touchscreen looks like is moved to right 2cm or 1 inch. So I search online how to hardreset my phone using buttons. Then I do hardreset. After that my phone is back but with 1ST problem: MY STORAGE IS GONE!!! That freeks me out! So I search on google about this problem an found nuerom but didnt help and then I found moviepatch eng 100416.cab and try this. I found my storage in 3rd step and stop the proces. And with this I found 2ND problem: my storage become useless. Nothing cannt delete or write in this memory . When I go to settings>main memory>my storage>reset, my phone cannot format this memory.

Please tell me how to fix my storage if is possible, if not I am gona send him to samsug service.

If someone know: How much cash is fix in samsung service?

Sorry for my English. I hope that is possible to understand what is my problem.

P.S.: On my storage is some utility and tweaks programs like: memmaid,pocket mechanick, sk tools so maybe it is problem, for formating my storage. Please answer me here or much better on my emails: [email protected] or [email protected]


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