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Lourival F Santos

Increasing the volume of the Omnia 2 - GT-i8000 / L

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Well guys, I had an I900 Omnia with a code I could increase the volume of the device and got an Omnia last 2 weeks and decided to test with it and it worked,see the procedure below:

On the telephone keypad, enter the code: * # 0002 * 28346 #

Will appear several setup functions: Speaker, Earphone, Voice and others, willchange them at its discretion.

I increased the master volume of the headset (earphone):

Choose: Music = 3p Earphone for MP3 music and click GAIN

This displays various functions, I will come down only what they altered and had avery good result:

1 - Output Volume Control (08h)

L1VL ~ 2: 111 - let this

HPG7 ~ 4: 1111 - left with this

2. Lout 3 Power Management (11h)

L3VL7 ~ 6: 11 - left with this

3 - LCH OutPut Volume Control (1Ah)

OVL7 ~ 0: 00001111 - left with this

4 - OutPut Rch Volume Control (1Bh)

OVR7 ~ 0: 00010100 - left with this

When you finish setting, simply log out or exit.

To obtain this configuration, I recommend leaving a volume 3 with music so you can immediately see the result in each change.

IMPORTANT: Be careful to overdo the volume, it may damage your headset, speakers on the unit or your own hearing!

Recalling that the build up made ​​for headphones, but speakers of the device the procedure is the same.

You can increase volume of FM, incoming call voice among others.

Good luck!

Note: This tutorial is of my own! (user: GSMFans= Valhd)

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