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X5 wont boot at all.

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Hi, I have a new Huawei U8800 (Ideos X5) with Froyo on it. It is pretty much out of the box standard (no rooting or anything) Had it about a week, I had to put my sim card in my old phone to retrieve some contacts.

I powered down the X5, waited til it was safely off, removed the battery, removed the sim, did the things I needed to on the other phone, replaced the sim in the X5, replaced the battery, pressed the power on... Nothing happens. It's as if the battery is not connected. I tried the power+vol++vol-, but again, absolutely nothing. I haven't dropped it or the battery.

I did try also to hook it up to USB to see if I could browse it (ofc I knew it wouldn't work, but doesn't hurt to try, right?) and put it on charge through an electrical outlet. Still nothing happening.

Is there anything more I can try?


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idk, at least you have not rooted it, so there will be no problem with you warranty. see if the battery is in contact with those three pins.. I am able to boot my phone without the battery while connected to the charger.

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