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Tried it!! Found that ::

DX os is just set of apps layered over AOSP.

DX OS mainly distinguished by its homescreen,lockscreen,contacts and few other apps like battery booster, some chinese apps[not sure abt what's that] ....

Theming doesnot include all parts of OS just the homescreen .. :(

But is that all??

I was thinking that it's having a fully featured revamped android UI like MIUI..

Anyway, thanks for sharing..

Yup I agree 100%..I noticed the same on the true DX Rom on my NEX-S..DX apps slapped on top of ICS..The only difference between the true DX Rom and this is a strange blue tint to the system UI and some icons nothing special..Its not like Miui where system UI is completely revamped..i was kinda bummed out as well when i first flashed DX into my NEX-S and noticed no big change in the UI between AOSP..I still think its pretty cool,something different to play with for now i suppose..

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Can someone post a working link for me so I can dl this awesome ROM? Or even PM me an alternate method to get it?


Da Baron

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