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Cannot input a Bluetooth numeric code!!

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I Have a Omnia 2 i8000, and I need some help, please.

I now have a RAPIDNXXJI1 PDA ROM, with CSC I8000TMNII7 and a I8000XXII6 Phone.

It works well, the only very annoying thing is when I try to link the phone with a Bluetooth device, for example a hands free Bluetooth. It will give me the code to input in the Omnia II but because its numeric, I cant input it in the field!! The Bluetooth code field does not accept numeric codes, ever!!

When linking with a PC, I can choose a alphanumeric code and it will work.

I also have a Omnia i900 with a Wimo 6.5 and the same field works ok with numeric codes.

I have these strange error for a wile and I've tried a few roms but with no avail. Can the problem be on the Radio rom??

Please help!!


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