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3.5mm audio quality?

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Can anyone tell me what the audio quality is like through the 3.5mm jack, preferably with a 320kbps MP3 or similar using some half decent headphones/earbuds? I've heard conflicting thoughts on the audio via the 3.5mm jack with some saying it's on par with their iPad 3 but some saying it's worse than some £50 mobile phone. I really want to know before I deposit money in my bank and pull the trigger.

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If no-one else does, I can do when Google eventually ship. I've got an GS2 & iPod classic to compare with on my Shure se420's.

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Ok, compared to my S2 with Resurection Remix (which has DSPManager) bundled its a little less expansive and clear...but then the S2 is not a patch on my old ipod either.

Full volume is way too loud, but not much distortion, seemed more like a range compression going on to me, 3/4 vol seemed to be the best.

Tried it with Paramore, Pierces, Little Boots, Civil Wars, and Rodrigo y Gabriela all vbr0 mp3's via Google Music.

So overall its seems comparable to the my Galaxy S2, but I don't think either are as good as my old ipod classic.

I would assume the ipad inherits the audio stuff, and is probly on par with the old ipods.

Certainly wouldn't say its bad audio.

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