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[ROOT/FLASH] For Newbies

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If your not a old hat at this, some of posts on modaco (and even worse on xda) assume rather a lot of knowledge.

So after reading through various posts, and I think getting 90% there and getting stuck with the adb/fastboot/drivers etc etc

(I didn't realise about the usb debugging option, I think I had everything else :blush:)

I found the following tool (for nexus devices only):


You only need that one download to get a device with ClockworkMod installed and rooted.

Its not idiot proof by any means, but its more straight forward and all in one place.

You *can*, and I'd recommend that you do, then update ClockworkMod with the version in this forum http://www.modaco.com/topic/355778-r3-6004-interim-clockworkmod-recovery-for-nexus-7/.

Which you can do from the toolkit by:

  • Click the Launch button, in the Advanced Utilities group
  • Select the Flash option, in the Boot/Flash Image group
  • Select the Recovery button.
  • Select the .img file that you downloaded above.
  • Follow the prompts!

And obviously, flashing with Paul's Rom afterwards is a no-brainer :P

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Great tip. The toolkit is amazing although I would recommend at least looking at other methods to make sure you are confident enough in using them should something go wrong. This looks like it has all bases covered though but you just never know.

I know from rooting my wifes Samsung wave a while back you need to sometimes use different methods and have balls of steel!

On the other hand I fully intend to use this when mine arrives

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Gotta say - a lotta love for the toolkit - it was getting late - waiting for the customary full charge before playing and as soon as those new updates already available as soon as you start up the Nexus7 - you know its better to root and unlock ASAP ;)

Only thing for me om windows 7 coulndt get the samsung drivers to work but pointing to the manual android drivers directory did the trick.....Anyone else finding the backups feature not working? Guess titanium will be safer option.

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Worked flawlessly for me. Titanium would always be safer for backup although at the minute I haven't done any. Will go and do one now before I regret it!

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