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Bluetooth DUN for tethering

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Hi all,

I thought I would share an excellent app that got me out of a hole with the Nexus 7, specifically being able to tether to my Nokia N8-00 (which only supports adhoc networks).

My Vega and Scroll Excel are using modified wpa_supplicants but nothing yet exists for the Nexus.... even had ago at rolling my own supplicant but to no avail.

So enter BlueVPN, it has its limitations that not all apps like using it but for browsing it works a treat.


It enables Bluetooth Dial Up Networking on your tablet and uses the phone as a bluetooth GPRS modem.

Another plus is that I don't need WiFi on the phone enabled so its kinder to the battery.

Note I am not connected with the developer but assumed that a few here might benefit from this.



PS. If anyone has some ideas about patching wpa_supplicant_8 on Jellybean please shout.

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Using Open Garden on my nexus 7 and on my San Francisco (Android 2.1) for tethering. Browsing the internet is just about useable on the N7 with a 3G connection but as a satnav device it all works very well. I thought i was going to have to upgrade my phone to 2.3 but Open garden has solved that

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