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ROM下载地址:悟★CM6B2自用极速版 (Update 2012/8/21)

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3.rar is a way outdated version ..

(root @ kukafei-i8000 # 2 (or 3 whatever))


Here one looks for an image that already exists a version # 7 which should probably be this torrent download.

But I can not download it off the air link .. I think ...

I ext4.tar to using version but the phone is not working ...

I will reinstall to see if it works, as I can not download this version # 7

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hey :D

i have 2 huge problems

i have an 8gb sdhc class4 card and created following patitions: Partition 1 with 5gb primary fat32; Partition 2 with about 2gb primary ext3; Partition 3 with about 300mb primary linux swap.

and now my problems.

my winmo can't see the new 5gb. it want to format it. and also when i delete all partitions and make an 8gb primary fat32 partition it doesn't want see/accept my sd card. all my 3 computers see each kind of partition which i made. and android starts without any problems.....i don't get it?!?

maybe a driver in winmo is lost?? but it sees my old 4gb sdhc class 4 and works perfectly with it...

second problem is that when i start android and plug in the usb-cable everything stucks and after a softreset nothing works anymore. everything i want to open says "need to force stop".

does someone else have these problems?

i really need your help ..

one last question why there is no market? :D

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Hi folks,

I'm trying to intall "Clean ROM 下载 地址: 悟 ★ CM6B2 自用 极速 版 without china-Apps and settings." on my old Omnia 2, and cannot open .gho file. Ghost Explorer says something like "Acces to G:\roms\CM6B2.GHO was denied"

Anyone know what could be the problem ? Any solution?

Thanks !!

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