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3G Nexus 7 32Gb Installing a Phone.apk?

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My 3G Nexus 7s arrived this afternoon,

Has anyone got any ideas on trying to get a voice/sms phone app working on it,

at the moment I have it running the standard 4.2 Rooted If you send a text message to the number on the SIM inserted you get a pop up message box bu there is no way to reply..

Not sure if there is going to be any simple way to at least activate full text messaging and hopefully full voice call services, but will try any suggestions


EDIT - OK Full Text Messaging seems to work fine if you install GO SMS PRO, it detects the built in phone number and can send and recive text messages using that number the same as a stock SMS app, (Would prefer a stock one but this will do for now).

Onwards and upwards now trying to get voice working..

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It is actually possible to receive and read but not, as has already been mentioned, to save or reply to SMS text messages on an unrooted N7 3G device.

Leaving voice aside for the moment, surely all that is require here is for Google to make the inbuilt Android Messaging app (as used on the Galaxy Nexus phone) visible on the 3G versions of the N7.

I don't suppose it would be possible for Paul to 'wave his magic wand' again and to make the default Messaging App visible... like he did with the Camera one... or isn't it as simple as that?

(I hope you are reading this Paul! ;) )

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Thanks for your reply Paul, but.... err, what's an MCR please?

(Sorry for being a bit 'thick'! :) )

Edit: Hang on... it wouldn't be MoDaCo Custom ROM by any chance now would it? :unsure:

If possible I would like to be able just to install this particular App... like I did with your Camera one, but guess this may not be practical?

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