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[DEV][ROM][24.7.] CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2)

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20 hours ago, andy9876 said:


Is there a TPT for this rom?  The reason I ask is that the link to select the TPT from the first page does not work


Does TPT helper app still work? People have moved on from this device years ago and there's dead links everywhere. I'll try to keep the Swedish Snow files online but that's it. (Wonderful ROM, best stock based ROM ever made for any device. :P Did some genuinely crazy sht with that ROM that I'd never even bother with these days.)

Eww, looks like first posts of several threads are also completely messed up likely due to some MoDaCo update...

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I install this ROM to ZTE Blade, it's ok just I have annonying msg's: com.google.proces.gapps messages stopped

I can't log in to my youtube account is write msg: check your network connection (there is a connection, everything else works-market play, etc.). I added another google account-no change. The YT application is the latest one from GP.

The partition / system has a size of 160MB, there is 800kB of free space (this may cause these errors to fail?). However, this space is not decreasing or there no are messages with low memory etc.

GP did not load, so I installed the Google Play Services Pack 10.2.97 APK (Android 4.0+)

The GP is ok, it loads up. When I turn off Wi-Fi the error messages cease. Ways of general-type clear cache / data, etc. in the service. GP or play store of course I was doing or cleaning in the download manager.

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