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Microsoft Facebook can't connect

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hi guys, I'm having a problem with Microsoft Facebook application. For almost a week or two it can not connect to facebook and retrieve any data.

When I execute the app it says: "Can't connect to facebook. Please check you're connected to internet." I hard resetted the phone, tried earlier versions but it's still the same.

(when I could use this app, it sometimes freezed when retrieving data from facebook but it worked normal after a while. So this is different. It can't connect. My network settings did not change, tried via wifi 3g edge. no difference)

Any advice or anyone having the same problem?

I've tried alternatives like FİM but I can use it a couple of times and then it stops working (the last time I've tried fim was 2 months ago, it has always the same problem and I didn't bother installing it again after hard reset.) I tried xda facebook app, no luck. Downloaded Facebook For Everyone java, it just gives me a blue screen and nothing happens at all. Also tried removing facebook secure connection. No go.

Thanks in advance...

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