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[ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

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I found out that init.d is not enabled [i did not install pauls kernel. Iam using clean install of slim rom.]

Using this I have got init.d support [olny zip method worked for me, Terminit, uniinit or PimpMyRom were not working. PimpMyRom/Uniinit were saying it is working, but that was not true] :


You can check if is your init.d working properly by looking to /data/ folder. There should be file "test.log". If it is not there, you dont have working init.d functionality.


I thought I'd done it with PimpMyRom but after reading your post I checked /data and it's empty, so I flashed the init-zip from CWM instead but it's still empty!


EDIT: Ignore that, I didn't have Root Explorer enabled! I see test.log now so I guess it's all set up.

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There seems to be a bug with encrypting storage with this ROM. When I select Encrypt Phone, it goes to another screen with an Encrypt Phone button and selecting that goes to a screen showing a green Android full screen but the encryption process never starts and even after 30mins, if I press Back it goes straight back to the screen with the Encrypt Phone button.

Anyone know how to fix this, as I've got everything pretty well setup for my friend apart from this?

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I've tried using adb to do

adb shell

/system/bin/vdc cryptfs enablecrypto inplace PASSWORD

but that just returns

200 -1

and nothing happens. I also tried running the command from Terminal Emulator running on the phone and got the same return code. Anything else I can do?

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