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An update worth 4000 points?

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As far as i know benchmark never tell the whole truth about a device all around perrformace, but i'm really curious to ask to you, code guru, how a "simple" update can make such a diference.


as far as i know this is the changelog of the update we are talking about:

  • Bug fixes for game execution, e.g. NBA2k13, Space Hunter, and LINE Homerun Battle Burst.
  • APN modification for carriers.
  • Optimized power consumption for music playing.
  • System performance fine-tuning.

so the "system performance" seems not to be the first feature on the table, but we have seen an amazing improvement proved by the posted image.

I know that Antutu is not optimized to test intel architeture, but as far as i know antutu had no update these days, to this improvement is not a consequence of a better antutu analisys.

Maybe intel optimization is such in an early stage that there are even more optimization mark ups.

Any other explanation? someone updated his device? any noticeble performance improvements?

P.S. Is it possible to talk about xda root evolution here?

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Well I suppose it could be something as simple as removing debug code or removing a single 'log' call somewhere in a loop.

I did think the update improved performance, especially with Wi-Fi.


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Actually AnTuTu -> 9.324 points on FonePad with 3.2.3 update

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