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Hands on with the Kidigi Nexus 7 dock

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I've been umming and ahhing about picking up the official Nexus 7 dock, but it's just too damned expensive. One alternative is the Kidigi Nexus 7 dock from GearZap.

It's different to the stock item in that it holds the device in portrait rather than landscape (using the microUSB port rather than pogo pins), it has a simple charging connector rather than audio out too and it has a removable insert to support the device if it is in a case - which could be invaluable depending on your usage scenario.

I wanted the dock for my other half's bedside table, so the portrait position actually works better and the lack of audio out is a non-issue.

The dock is very well made with a great fit - the tablet docks with a satisfying click and is held nice and steady. She has a third party case and sure enough, with the insert removed it fits in great.

If you are looking for a Nexus 7 dock, i'd recommend giving it some consideration. It's currently priced at £19.95 + £2.95 delivery from GearZap.






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I've used Kidigi docks for a while, and I've always been happy with them. My Galaxy S2 dock is a perfect fit, and I've been slotting my S2 into it a few times a day for about 18 months and the USB connector is still fine. It also has the benefit of a slot to charge an extra battery at the same time as charging the phone (not relevant to the Nexus of course).

I'm not actually interested in the dock for the Nexus, as due to the amount I use it I only need to charge the Nexus a couple of times a week.

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