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Cyanogen Mod 10.1 Update / Status on Working Features

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I have successfully flashed this ROM to the Ascend g600 u8950n-51. There a quite a few problems though. Sim card not working, WIFI and bluetooth not working either. Also does not detect headphone input. I only flashed this yesterday, so I will work on fixing this. Also i came across an IMEI problem when flashing. It completely wiped my IMEI number. This could possibly be a part of the sim problems.

Why are you using this ROM?


Nobody works on it.


There is a 10.1 that is one of the most stables ROMs for our phone, 




If you are using Huawei g600 (same hardware as g510) maybe you need to change libcm.so and other files for ril working, like g330 users. Or try to install a g330 ROM.


Try to speak with somebody with a g330 or g600. G600/G330 are practically the same as G510/Y300 (they use same hardware), the only problem is RIL, but if you flash something (I don't remember what) you can have RIL working. 


Or try to install KK rom like CM10.1, Omnirom... that have g330 support, and install the g330 rom, maybe it will work.


Sorry for my bad english.

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