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Hi all, can some of you guys share your stats of "Cell standby/Wi-fi/Phone Idle/Screen"

Even though I don't use my phone much (about 1hr of screen time in a day) it seems to be awake a large chunk of the day, see the image below. I want to know if this is normal. I keep Wi-Fi turned on, data off, I have full reception bars at all times on my signal for both Wi-fi and Cell. I have the usual apps running (Dropbox/Facebook) I dont have any free to play games or any other crap installed. Its weird as Wakelock Detector tells me to phone is awake only around 2 hours in the day, but the bar in the battery stats seems pretty active.

Most days I get

Cell Standby 30%

Wi-Fi 30%

Phone Idle 30%

Screen 10%

Thanks all.


(This pic is of 20 hours at about 30% charge and the Awake bar is not as busy as it is usually)


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Strange, but i was going to post this 2-3 days ago!!!

Yes! i Get that Same problem! I have no idea, why it keeps, Awake on and Off and on and Off.

Which is strange, considering, it dose NOT happen, on my other phone, if i dont touch the phone for 5 hours, it DOSENT become awake, but on y300 it is :(

Any help?

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