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Cursed Chico

I cant update, goes into restart loop!

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I am trying to solve for weeks, tried a lot of roms but still could not manage.

My phone is huawei u8800. Kernel

buildnumber u8800v100r001c00b138sp04

It is 2.2.2

I click online upgrade in about phone menu but it cant find anything to upgrade.

I install cwm and flashing a new rom, for example b518 2.3 but after installing, it restarts after loading logo and this goes on. And everything is wiped, cwm is wiped after this and i have to go into android recovery to solve this. I reset wipe data and if i am lucky, i can open phone in 2.2.2. If not, it makes me to try to go back to.

I dont know how this happened first. I was using aurora then i wanted to go back to stock rom. I made also partition and maybe this is the reason.

In cwm, it cant mount ext sd so i have to + - and power to upgrade.

Please help me to solve this. I tried a lot of things but couldnot manage.

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