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new Y300 - apps to remove and status bar toggles

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hey all, just got the Y300 for the missus.

I've bootloader unlocked, rooted and installed as much apps as I dare.

Had a few questions please as you are all the fountain of knowledge.

Themes app and profiles app. Can they be removed?

Also is there an easy way to remove the toggles huawei have put in the status bar pull down (notification window thingyamabob - hope you know what I mean, real name eludes me atm).

To me these toggles seem slow and pretty fugly tbh and so I wouldn't mind replacing them with something else.


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You can disable the stock toggles in the settings menu, I'm not sure what its under but I know you can 100% as it was the very first thing I did when I got my Y300, I can't remember cause I'm on a custom ROM now

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thanks you 2!

Removed and widgetsoid put in its place. So much better for her.

For £54 this is a solid piece of kit. Probably would have chose the ZTE Blade V if I had known but not gonna quibble for £54 and her going to this from a galaxy mini!

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