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Bluetooth Audio Fix

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OK, I had this issue on CM on the G300. This was the solution I worked out, and I just checked the Y300, and it's the same:

The A2DP sampling rates are wrong. Edit \system\etc\audio_policy.conf (use root browser, back it up first, change permissions first!)

Near the bottom, you'll find an A2DP section, and it has "sampling rates 48000" - you need to add 44100, so change it to "sampling rates 44100|48000", save and reboot.

Having said that, A2DP streaming already worked fine on my intemp Bluetooth speaker, but if you`re having issues...

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You can probably find the answer in /system/etc/Bluetooth/

You can check the device code 00:CO:DE;ID:00:00 & then see is it prohibited - black listed - or problematic (iop_device_list.con)

The most of this type of problems stated with ICS & iOS is not better standing with this to.

As I did find the auto pairing with auto M.M.S is prohibited...

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The rate definitely affects streaming... but it might be different depending on stereo/mono etc... I'm not an expert. This is the exact same issue as I had on my Sony car head unit with my g300 after a rom change.

Make sure you have write access to the file so it definitely gets saved, and make sure you get the superstore right by copying it from somewhere else in the file, or replace the 48000 with. 44100 instead.

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