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[REQUEST][TUTORIAL] Y300 device specific tutorial for SWAP

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Hello! I have a few questions about this topic, so I decided to start it, because I read tons of tutorials about making a SWAP file/partition working, but there aren't any device specific tutorial(or I didn't found it).

The main problem is, that wich kind of SWAP method is working on the Y300-0100, because I tried all of them with different swapper apps and methods, but if they were working, they lead to a blue screen after several, or first restart even if the kernel supports SWAP, so thats the #1 problem. It could be because of my lack of knowledge, but it's annoying me.

The second problem is that I don't know the correct options, for the best performance/stability combination, or even is it worth trying to SWAP the mobile, because I read a lots of comments bragging about how useless is SWAPing.


Thanks for the further replies, and sorry for being noob :P

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