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Trying to understand how people get info about latest firmwares

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So im trying to understand how the updates for Y300 are comming from?


when i go to official Huawei website, for Y300 i find only B175 version


I searched for higher versions and seems all the versions (including the one i installed B197) come to download @ unofficial communities, websites. If the software is official why its not at the website of theyrs?


Another thing, what is that Emotion UI? is it some sort of huaweis another company?


Whole huawei buisiness seems shady and unprofessional...

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These are regional firmwares . Can't be accessed in every region. Huawei is a multinational company, in some regions they provide phones through network operators with their own customised system. The regional specific firmware is optimized for that region ie,faster network connection,faster gps lock..etc. The BXXX varies from region to region. Indian firmware is B175 , But in UK it's B186 or something. I hope you understand. The Emotion UI stands for huawei's user interface. Simply we can say icons and huawei original launcher and widgets. Every android phone manufacturer has their own UIs. Eg: Samsung-Touchwiz HTC-Sense UI

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