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Bootloader / fastboot on G510

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I've bought a G510 as a replacement phone if I break my current phone (which sometimes happens playing with it, and I can't always fix it the same day).


Now I wanted to unlock it. I'm pretty sure I got a locked bootloader, but I can't even check it with fastboot.


I'm holding voldown+power button for a few seconds, and the phone goes into some strange mode with a purple screen. Fastboot won't show the device in that state, and it never gets to any proper bootloader state.


Is that normal? I've requested an unlock code at Huawei, but I can't see how I should enter it without fastboot seeing the device and/or the screen being purple. Did I miss something?

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That happens when you press both vol keys and power(if there is no update.app in dload folder of memory card)

Make sure you are not holding vol up. :P

Hold vol down only and power(keep holding and count to 10 :P )You should stuck at huawei ascend logo....

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