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[DEV][ROM] [25.1] CyanogenMod 11.0 (Android 4.4.4)

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Anyone out there still using this old chestnut? 🙂

I'm having a bit of a problem extending the internal memory (/data) with sd-ext partition. Without it, the phone boots but Google services crash while in play store, presumably due to low free space on /data (30 MB).

I tried the int2ext+ script (manually put it into init.d immediately after installation; is there a proper install method?), made and formatted 2nd partition with ext (from within recovery), and the phone got stuck during boot (boot animation plays indefinitely, logcat reveals what looks like a loop of errors).

Is the modified Gen 2 TPT required? My phone has never had TPT changed, I'm assuming it's gen1, going by the system partition's size of 220MiB.

/sys/class/block/mtdblock0: 	 10240 sectors, 	 5242880 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock1: 	 10240 sectors, 	 5242880 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock2: 	 3072 sectors, 	 1572864 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock3: 	 1024 sectors, 	 524288 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock4: 	 76800 sectors, 	 39321600 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock5: 	 450560 sectors, 	 230686720 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock6: 	 332800 sectors, 	 170393600 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock7: 	 43008 sectors, 	 22020096 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock8: 	 3072 sectors, 	 1572864 bytes
/sys/class/block/mtdblock9: 	 30720 sectors, 	 15728640 bytes


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