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Group the files and folders of Android inside of an custom folder

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Is possible set a custom folder to group the files and folders of Android and folders and files of the new apps will be installed ?
I installed the Android in internal memory of Omnia 2 but natively the system creates the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR in root of SD external card. When I install new apps, so, the respective files and folders are created in root of SD external card.
I followed the steps on http://www.modaco.com/topic/346446-stopped-cyanogenmod-beta2-omnia-2-updated-04052012/?p=1853710 but the SD external isn't mounted and the folders Android.android_secure and LOST.DIR begin to be created in root of the internal memory called /storage.
What I want is group all files and folders of Android in only one folder.
Well, I created the folder \storage\ANDROID_SO and put inside there the files haret.exe, zImage and startup.txt.
I want set the folder \storage\ANDROID_SO for the Android system create the folders Android.android_secure and LOST.DIR inside there. I want too set that the folders and files of the new apps installed be created inside of folder  \storage\ANDROID_SO.
Thank for any help.

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