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Help ? Thank you in advance.

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Hello everyone. I really want to change the ROM, but I have some questions. 

First : I copy the ROMS on my tablet. When I boot into TWRP and select factory reset / wipe data , won't it delete the ROM I have copied on my tablet earlier? It would be pretty stupid , because I don't see how you could do that without copying the ROM on your internal storage, and the recovery deleting your ROM while factory resetting would be stupider...

Second : Will Google automaticaly reinstall everything I had installed from Google Play ? ( I have enabled automatic reinstall of application and saving my data in settings ). I don't want to search for all the apps again , and I want to go towards Paranoid Android ... 


Thank you very much , and sorry for these noobish questions, but I don't really have the time to reinstall everything, and some information would help me. 

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Problem solved. Advanced wipe and do not choose wipe data... Also, went towards AOKP. Pretty cool until now...

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