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G510 - Image signature verify fail

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Regards to all!


Another brick I know...  :angry2:


I tried to install TeamWin, found this post http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=591253. (It's on spanish I know :( )


Anyway on step 4.Ejecuta windows.bat the install-script I mess up recovery.img i suppose.


When I Power ON phone, I got this screen: http://www.myanmarmobileapp.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/fail-302x215.jpg


Only have access to famous "Pink screen", tried many of update.app but every time it fails. Also, is it necessary to unlock bootloader for this update.app, or something else, because it keep fail on every firmware for G510 and Y300 I try? I'm newbie to this, so sorry if is stupid question.


Is there any solution for this, any suggestions guys? Please, I'm close to breakdown.





Almost sure that I'm doing something wrong, tried these ROMs below (maybe some other also, but I wrote these in note later) and same error "Fail" .



Anyone with idea?

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I manage somehow (friend bought at same time) to find out potential ROM version, B195.

Googled for it, but no success by now.

Does someone have a link maybe?

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Tnx, but the same situation my friend. Fail.
Anyway, have a friend who works in phone service. They have an original ROM and he Flash it.


So for the future people who have same problem, here is explanation which I found on net:



The explanation is that the original recovery has a function to install zips with a particular firm, in this case should be Huawei.

However, almost all the ROMS officers who have taken both individual operators and Huawei for this phone have been format Update.app, installable using the "Firmware installer" phone and all had considerable weight.

But there have been some cases in which any operator like Orange Spain, used a zip supplied via OTA (like Update.app ) weighing approximately 90 MB (A minor update) whose function is to update the compilation B179 to B195, and what happens with this update zip format, is that the system makes a brief signature verification bootloader and the recovery and boot.img.

If the system detects that the Bootloader, the recovery or boot.img not have the original signature of Huawei or have been inserted through a hack or the like without having unlocked the bootloader officially, we will automatically display the following message after trying to install "Image Verify signature fail" in red letters.

The reason is surely and as I said before, we have unlocked the bootloader by an unofficial method or change some of those partitions by some hack before installing the zip, and this zip file contains the bootloader, recovery and boot.img because of their small weight, ie, is not able to replace him as the Update.app to return to the originals and leave us avoid this error signature verification.

A Update.app Bootloader completely regenerates us, so they used to solve 90% of problems. In this case we have no salvation unless there is a compilation format've tried installing Update.app or higher, and all other Update.app will Fail in the installation.

In the case of Orange model no Update.app the B195 is no compilation or compilation superior format Update.app , so we must take the SAT to have it fixed, and of course, do as we do not know what happened if we submit to third grade.



Solution is to find adequate ROM and flash with it. Mine was V100R001C00B195 and on net I can't find that one, so phone service was my destiny.  :ph34r: Hope someone else will have more luck.



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