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Ultra-light b199 by Jaccs, experiences?

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Hi, I've been using Fusion X for a few months now, but I find it fairly slow and still have major RAM problems: force closing, system crashes, apps having to reload every time, and sometimes restarts.


So I'm looking at the Ultra-light rom by Jaccs, as seen over at HTCmania (http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?=sd49d3e16e942cc69b312966c035720ba&t=727377)


Obviously this is all in spanish / Italian, though I have used google translate to help out.


Just wondering if any English speakers out there have used this ROM and what they think of it?


Does it use much less RAM than Fusion X?


What is lacking from this ROM ( something must be cut out I presume)?


Can Gravity Box be used with it? (not that bothered about that tbh)


Many thanks in advance.

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Well, for anyone else wondering, I've been running the ROM for the past few days and I have to say it is far and away the best ROM I've used.


In fact, i'd go as far as saying it's the ONLY rom worth using. My y300 actually feels like a functioning smart phone now, rather than a glitchy lump of underpowered, poorly programmed hardware.


I don't get any force closes, apps return from memory without problems, and I've only had a couple of homescreen redraws since using it.


I highly recommend it to all Y300 owners.

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I used Infiniti Stock B199 ROM for quite a while. No fancy stuff, just simple what you need. Battery life was excellent.

Now use Expert V3 (CM10.1) as i have SwiftKey keyboard installed and it only works properly on 4.2.2 up.

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