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Huawei G510 big problem bootloader

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Hello, I have a Huawei Ascend G510 and after an update done wrong phone does not display anything after Huawei logo can not get into recovery or soft. I went to a GSM service and they told me you have to rewrite the bootloader ... and the question is: How do I do this?
P.S: Bootloader is unlocked.
Thanks in advance

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Hey, I hope you have fixed your phone by now,

If not try this.

Since you have a unlocked boot loader, my guess is to install TWRP using fastboot.

Hope it helps someone.

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No, it will not help, because he can't reach recovery.

Download a kernel, which match your rom, than start the phone by holding vol-. After 10 secs release it, plug it to pc, install drivers. Now you're in fastboot mode, so you can flash the new kernel, with the "fastboot flash boot boot.img" command.

It this don't help, download a stock rom in update.app format, copy it to /sdcard/dload folder, the power on the phone by holding down both volume keys. It will revert everything back to stock.

Hope it helps.

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