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[BUG] Property: persist.sys.ui.hw

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When I enable this setting, AnTuTu aborts when entering the 3D GPU test, at around 87%.


Version of AnTuTu I'm using atm: 4.4.3.X


Can anyone confirm this issue or other problems related to this setting?


Once you enable this setting it stays enabled even after reboot by the way. It's an "persisting" setting like the name already says. Persistent ROM settings are getting stored at /data/property


After setting it to "false" and rebooting my device the issue is gone and AnTuTu finishes without problems.


I've noticed that AnTuTu triggers an "unhandled page fault" (seen @ kernel's debug output) while entering the 3D test. It even happens on Stock-Kernels (page-fault triggering). That's why I'd like to know if someone else noticed something similar.


EDIT: same problem on B199 stock Huawei kernel. This tuneable triggers some BUG. Would be interesting to know whether it's an issue of AnTuTu itself only, or if it's related to Huawei's ROM code.

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